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Construction and Houses Financing

Habitat for Humanity builds decent and affordable housing throughout El Salvador for low-income families. In addition, it provides innovative and accessible financing opportunities. Families support construction under the mutual aid model, along with the help of volunteers, and pay a fee appropriate to their socioeconomic situation.

The houses are designed in different models and under quality standards. All our homes are guided by the following principles.

Decent: Our housing models are of an appropriate size to the needs of families, built with blocks, under designs consistent with our local climates and culture.

Affordable: Our housing models are affordable to low-income families, thanks to our efficient construction methods, the design of our houses and the support of volunteers.

Our Social Impact

Desde la fundación de Hábitat El Salvador en 1992, hemos servido a más de 12 mil familias, con la construcción de viviendas, gracias al apoyo de nuestros socios y voluntarios.

Learn more about the impact from our effort in the last year, in our Memoria Anual de Labores document.


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1. Documents

Photocopies of DUI and NIT (expanded to 150%)

2. Proof of incomes

Employees: Proof of salary.
Small merchants: Incomes information, receipt of remittances.

3. Receipts

Copy of water, electricity and telephone bill

4. References

Credit references.
Personal references.

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