Community leaders school for participation and community development

Vivienda 2

At Habitat for Humanity El Salvador, we are committed to the development and social construction of the communities. The community of Valle Nuevo, Department of Cabañas, has been a historically resilient community, conformed by families affected in the civil war. This community has developed a high organizational level, this has allowed them establish relationship with various organizations from the United States, one of them is Shalom Mission Communities which has supported the community in matters of house, land tenure and community development for more than 27 years.

In order of continue this help, Shalom Missions finds in Habitat for Humanity El Salvador, the ally to contribute together in the community development. With this project, we are looking to strength the leadership knowledge and abilities in 25 persons members of the community board of directors, ADESCO, and organizational and youth groups.

How do we make the knowledge appropriation process and empowerment of different leaderships?


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