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12 weeks of action

June 2020.El Salvador began a household quarantine on March 21, following the measures promoted by the Government of El Salvador. From the first moment, Habitat El Salvador complied with all the measures and carried out its operations remotely. With 12 weeks of work from home, we are more convinced than ever of the need for families during emergencies due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the Amanda Storm. 

Committed to our mission, we have not suspended actions in support of the most vulnerable families in the country. Thanks to our network of regional agencies, with national coverage, the management of strategic alliances, and our communication with community leaders, we have been able to support the communities where we work. We have provided drinking water, conducted an awareness campaign to prevent Covid-19, and supported the provision of food and sanitation activities, along with other organizations and local governments. 

Nationwide, we have actively worked as part of the Humanitarian Country Team, together with civil society organizations, government offices and agencies of the United Nations System and international cooperation agencies; with the aim of ensuring effective and inclusive coordination of the humanitarian community, to support the efforts of Civil Protection and the Government of El Salvador, in the midst of both emergencies.

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